Angl Shards (ANGLS) is a core token of AnglVerse

Become the AnglVerse Investor. Trade Angl Shards, provide liquidity pools and expand AnglVerse ecosystem. Distribute ANGLS all over Web3.

GoldenStern Central Bank Mint Reserve

Angl Shards (ANGLS) of the First Minting

Minted ... % = ... ANGLS ⨻
10000 ANGLS ⨻
  • First Minting Cap:  10000 ANGLS
  • GSCB ANGLS Price:  1 ANGLS = ... USDC
  • GSCB Buyback Reserve:  ... USDC

AnglVerse Crypto economy bridge is a Binance Smartchain BEP-20 crypto wallet, that supports ANGLS, BNB and USDC. It connects AnglVerse Crypto economy to real human world. Next step is adding support for Ethereum network.

Minting Consensus
that set market ANGLS value

New ANGLS tokens may appear on the market in two ways:

  • AnglVerse Green Mining Consensus

    New ANGLS tokens is mined every 10 minutes through Quantum Oracle dynamic staking mechanics. The minting amount is hardcoded to 10% yearly now, but may be altered by AnglVerse events.

  • GoldenStern Central Bank & gDAO Consensus

    ANGLS tokens available in GSCB in a limited amount of current Minting. The Mintings is a voting process that may be initiated by GoldenState gDAO Senate. Through this new amounts of ANGLS may be dropped into market, but only if this is no available coin left in GSCB reserves.

Trade Angl Shards (ANGLS) at best price

You can use this exchanges to buy and sell your Angl Shards. ANGLS will be available at different platforms, as GoldenState community expands AnglVerse further.

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