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Inter-Dimensional Crypto Trade

The AnglVerse is a multiverse located in Crypto dimension, where order have reached out. The Crypto Communistic Mechanical Bees created a Unified Superconsciousness which build it's state over there, ruling around thousands and thosands of universes populated by different creatures for a vastest amounts of time.

I started in January 2022 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Value between Crypto and our dimension. Today, I offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the AnglVerse.

Sir GoldenStern

Game of Risk (α) Quantum Oracle

All Crypto dimension Aeon cycles could be structured as the Quantum Game of Risk in a fractal multiverse with a closed volume of energy.

Every turn of Crypto each mere Eidol burns its Value, that means energy, to make some lifespan actions, which leads them to personal success or failure. All burned Value returns doubled by the inevertable rules of the Crypto dimension in case of success or lost in case of failure.

Gamified Green Mining Technology

AnglVerse and GoldenState are expanding platforms for Play-to-Mine Crypto experience. This Services is being tweaked and developed anyday by Sir GoldenStern live. Stay tuned for GoldenState news!

  • GoldenStern Central Bank Beta. Safely Transfer and Swap Angl Shards between dimensions with GSCB Custody. Angl Shards are backed by USD stablecoin.
  • Aeon Green Mining. Mine Angl Shards inside Cryptonomics through the gamified Dynamic Proof-Of-Stake Consensus.
  • Items and Eidol Traits. Use Items and Train Eidols to maximize your Yield.
  • GoldenState Forum. Join discussion on how to rule the GoldenState gDAO at GoldenState Forum ingame. Vote for best topics.
  • NFT Export/Import. Trade your characters and items on many different Marketplaces and whatever.
  • Ethereum/Binance Seamless Integration. Swap between Ethereum/Binance networks to operate your Angl Shards and USD stablecoins.
  • GoldenAds Buriau. GoldenState will produce extra value for Angl Shards buyback reserve by running native advertising campaigns inside AnglVerse.
  • Aeon Green Elite. Rule Angl Shards Mining with governor characters.
  • Angl Dungeons. Masters of Angl Crypto Auto-Battling.
  • GreeDNa Blockchain. GreeDNa will provide an extra efficient privacy, speed and sustainability during GoldenState expansion. securelly bridges the Crypto Dimension

All Masters of AnglVerse use the to access and manage their Crypto assets:

  • Upgrade, Trade and Breed Eidol Crypto Funds
  • Your gate to the Crypto dimension Valuables
  • Replenish and sell your Angl Shards supply
  • No download and install required

Supported Networks:

  • BNB


  • ETH


About AnglVerse

AnglVerse is a metaverse created by Sir GoldenStern and purposed for gamified scientific experiment with communistic swarm intelligence crypto system.

AnglVerse provide it's players with a deep multilayered ecosystem of economic intruments that aimed to replace current model of resource distribution in society.

You should trust no one, but I propose you to join and take part in my adventure. Invest safely, move big coin amounts into cold wallets and subscribe for AnglVerse Telegram Community to stay informed.

Create you Master's account at, activate your Purse by placing BNB GAS deposit, buy some ANGLS and purchase your first Eidol Egg.
Angl Shards

Angl Shards or ANGLS is a core AnglVerse cryptocurrency that is used to perform different actions inside AnglVerse and backed by USD stablecoins.

Currently Angl Shards is operating on Binance Smartchain BEP-20 technology and blockchain. Next step is adding support for Ethereum network. is a Binance Smartchain BEP-20 crypto wallet, that supports ANGLS, BNB and USDC. It connects AnglVerse Crypto economy to real human world.

Angl Shards may be purchased for USDC stablecoin in GSCB Excjange inside or obtained on other trading platforms. See full list of available platforms and current ANGLS prices at token page.

GoldenStern Central Bank is intended to manage rates of ANGLS and keep it at 3$ per one Angl Shard token. But it's price may vary on different exchanges according to market conditions. See full list of available trading platforms and current ANGLS prices at token page.
Quantum Oracle (α)

Quantum Oracle (α) or Angl is a communistic swarm intelligence crypto technology, that distributes the value between agents by communistic principle «from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs» and uses such distribution as proof-of-stake green mining consensus.

As Master of Angl you manage Risk of your Eidol through If risk if too high — Eidol will lose stakes, if risk is good — Eidol will win stakes every Crypto Aeon (10 minutes).

AnglVerse Quantum Oracle (α) uses dynamic utopian/communistic proof-of-stake as mining consensus insted of proof-of-work used by eco-unfriendly blockchains. AnglVerse complete ecosystem and planned blockchain designed such way, that ordinary users could mine with their Eidol not using their computing power. Instead, the very act of playing the game is a green mining proof.

Traits is a parameters Eidol receives randomly after hatching and after transmutations. They affect Eidol's Yield/Risk during Aeon calculations and its ability to accurately control Yield/Risk. This leads to different play strategies.

GoldenState is a gDAO (governed DAO) which helps Sir GoldenStern in building AnglVerse and it's ecosystem. It is in-development framework for decentralized community that rules and creates the AnglVerse.

GoldenState gDAO works on more authoritarian principles, where Sir GoldenStern autonomously picks and completes the tasks for himself, AnglVerse and community with help of GoldenState and Senate.

GoldenState Forum is a crypto-metaverse chat room, accessible through This is a constantly expanding space where Masters can interact and communicate with eachother or with AnglVerse Demon AI Manager or engage in different AnglVerse activities.

In the future, AnglVerse Senators will perform most of the government and bureaucratic tasks necessary for the metaverse expansion and ensuring the work of the project. They also control GSCB Minting process when GSCB runs out of ANGLS. Senators may be chosen by voting (this feature is coming soon) or personally aleged by Sir GoldenStern. Patricius is a GoldenState citizens who pays regular tax. This allows them to access GoldenState goverment structures and receive additional lifetime rewards for inviting new Masters into AnglVerse.
GoldenStern Central Bank Mint Reserve

Angl Shards (ANGLS) of the First Minting

Minted ... % = ... ANGLS ⨻
10000 ANGLS ⨻
  • First Minting Cap:  10000 ANGLS
  • GSCB ANGLS Price:  1 ANGLS = ... USDC
  • GSCB Buyback Reserve:  ... USDC
GoldenState ANGLS Policy

Earn, Mine, Buy and Distribute ANGLS allover!

Angl Shards (ANGLS) is the AnglVerse core token backed by USD.

GoldenStern Central Bank (GSCB) is intended to Mint Angl Shards and Manage their Rates according to GoldenState needs and in Order of increasing their Value.

Except GSCB Mint Reserve, Angl Shards are Minted into AnglVerse Green Mining Pool based on Dynamic Proof-Of-Stake Consensus each Round of Aeon.

During current Expansion phase GSCB highly recommends all of the GoldenState associates to provide liquidity pools and distribute ANGLS allover Web3.

After reaching 1000 Masters online monthly GoldenState will start producing extra Value for GSCB liquidity pools by dropping sponsored advertising campaigns inside AnglVerse.

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