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Sir GoldenStern creates a framework for decentralized community that builds and moderates AnglVerse.

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Take part in expanding and empowering AnglVerse ecosystem

We follow the gDAO strategies to gain Value for Angl Shards. The collective will is an important part of token growth!


To help the AnglVerse system grow, do not sell your tokens at early stage. You are the one who control the ANGLS token market Value to keep it high. You will gain more income later, if HODL.

Provide Liquidity

To become a senator you must serve and help the AnglVerse grow. Create liquidity pools and place ANGLS on the exchanges available to you. Start or join GoldenState discussions on economic strategy.

Use your wallet wisely

Use to mine ANGLS and receive a passive income, do transactions with other users and make ANGLS popular way of payment. Gift ANGLS to someone, heartness is also very important.

GoldenState is a gDAO that Rules and Builds the AnglVerse

We're all aware and building a 4-d pyramidoid ecosystem that will replace modern sense of State and Value in life of the Human Being.

We're aimed to back 100% of the circulating Angl Shards (ANGLS) tokens based on scientific approach.

GoldenState is a governed DAO (gDAO) that do the trick.

Complete gDAO quests together

Empower AnglVerse ecosystem by your contributions to earn more! Receive extra rewards for active cooperation with Sir GoldenStern and GoldenState Senate

Current GoldenState Agenda
  • 🧠 Test new and improved Hive-Mind. Share your thoughts on Telegram or Bitcointalk.
  • 💌 Invite Patrons via your Cooperation Link and receive x5 gDAO Tokens! 🎉

Build GoldenState DAOcracy

AnglVerse is a multiverse that brings together many desperate geniuses and great scientists. Use gDAO tools as inscriptions and community chat to suggest new ideas and point the way to our wealth.

Apply for GoldenState Quests

Help Sir GoldenStern expanding the AnglVerse.
Pick a task that you like and follow the instructions:

🔍🔮 I'm looking for a daredevil Knowledge Keeper, who will maintain Wiki for AnglVerse and work with Sir GoldenStern.

As a reward for this Role, GoldenState will grant this Master a special unique magic ring.

📜 Knowledge Keeper will also receive Senator status.

Write Sir GoldenStern

AnglVerse Chronology

AnglVerse is being developed by Sir GoldenStern step-by-step since he started in January 2022 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Value between Crypto and our dimension.

January, 2022

AnglVerse Prototype Design

March, 2022

Litepaper Done

April, 2022

Quantum Oracle Launch (α)

May, 2022

AnglVerse Green Mining Start

September, 2022

GoldenState Forum Alpha

October, 2022

GoldenState Forum Beta

December, 2022

GoldenState Social Activities

March, 2023

GoldenState DAOcracy

May, 2023

GoldenState Forum V1

July, 2023

Patricius System

August, 2023

Number of GoldenStern

September, 2023

Quantum Oracle (α) 2.0
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